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Who is BG Services?

BG Services is your one stop shop for everything HVAC. From heat pumps to air conditioning to furnaces, generators and more. Throughout New Brunswick, we install and maintenance the best brands in the industry. With more than 25 years of combined experience, you can trust that the team at BG Services will satisfy all your home heating and cooling needs. We install only the highest quality and efficient home heating and cooling systems.


BG Services was opened by co-owners Brian Hill and Geoff Troy in 2008 working out of a single van. Through quality installation and guaranteed satisfaction, the company has grown each year and now has three licensed gas technicians on staff, along with a licensed refrigeration technician, office staff and sheet metal workers, making BG Services your one-stop shop for all your heating and cooling needs.

co-owner Brian Hill

Brian Hill

Co-Owner and Sales Manager


Brian has been the proud Co-Owner of BG Services since its establishment in 2008. Before Brian and Geoff opened the doors to BG Services in 2008, Brian was owner and operater of his own Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning company for 11 years in Keswick, Ontario.


Brian brings over 15 years of experience in refrigeration and 20 years in gas to BG Services. With a wide variety of training and knowledge, you can rest easy knowing your HVAC needs are in the hands of Brian and his team of experts.

Geoff Troy

Co-Owner and Field Manager


Geoff is born and raised in Fredericton, New Brunswick and is Co-Owner of BG Services. Geoff attended the New Brunswick Community College in Saint John after high school to study and practice as a gas technician. Since his graduation in 2003, Geoff worked at Enbridge Gas New Brunswick for several years before deciding to go off on his own and BG Services with Brian. Geoff knows the importance of hard work and customer service, that’s why he works with our team on every installation to ensure that all projects are completed correctly.


Lisa J Colwell

Office Manager


Lisa has been with BG Services for 6 years as our customer service representative. Since Lisa has been with BG Services, she has become very knowledgeable with our products and the HVAC industry as a whole. When you call BG Services, Lisa will be here to assist you with all your HVAC questions or concerns.



William O’Neill

Refrigeration Apprentice


William began his journey in refrigeration attends the New Brunswick Community College in Saint John and first started working with BG Services when he chose to work with our experienced team for his work placement. William attends the New Brunswick Community College in Saint John. The ability to learn on the go and adapt quickly to various situations makes him an amazing block 1 refrigeration apprentice.


co-owner Brian Hill


co-owner Brian Hill
co-owner Brian Hill