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Heat Pump Services in Fredericton, NB

As the leading HVAC services provider in and around Fredericton, BG Services is your trusted partner for all heat pump repair and maintenance services. Our team of experienced technicians have experience installing and servicing domestic heat pump systems in New Brunswick homes of all sizes, from large family homes to condos and apartments.

Heat pump services we provide:

– Electric heat pump maintenance

– 24-hour emergency call out 

– Heat pump diagnostics and repair 

– Design and installation of new electric heat pump systems


How often do heat pumps need servicing?

It is important that your heat pump is serviced regularly if it is to keep working safely and efficiently. We recommend an annual service for all electric heat pumps and can provide a range of maintenance plans to suit both domestic and commercial systems. Our technicians are trained and authorized to carry out servicing for all the leading brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi and Florida Heat Pumps.

What does an annual heat pump service involve?


During each maintenance visit, one of our technicians will check the integrity of your system to ensure it is working efficiently and safely. A typical inspection takes a couple of hours to complete with the following components and systems checked. 


– All safety devices are checked to ensure they are working correctly

– Fluid levels are checked

– Filters are inspected and cleaned 

– Pipework will be inspected for cracks

– The integrity of all electrical connections will be assessed

– Sensors will be recalibrated 

– An unvented hot water cylinder ventilation check will be carried out

– Back-up, start and run-time will be assessed

– Settings will be adjusted to ensure efficient operation

Why choose BG Services in Fredericton?

BG Services has been providing heat pump repair that Fredericton residents can trust for more than 10 years. Throughout that time, we have built an enviable reputation across southern New Brunswick with our reliable and trustworthy service. All of our technicians are trained to the highest standard and authorized to work on both domestic and commercial systems. That way, you can relax while knowing your heating system is in safe hands with us.

Give our team a call at 506-472-9954, request a text message, or fill out our home assessment form.

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