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Hot Water Heater Service in Fredericton

The correct selection, installation and maintenance of your hot water heater doesn’t just result in improved performance – it can also save you money! Heating water takes energy, which means that a poorly performing water heater, or one that isn’t suited for the demands of your home and family can end up costing you more. Whether you are considering a fresh water heater or you have an existing one that needs servicing or a repair in order to bring it up to standard, our professional and skilled team is on hand to help. As one of the leading local HVAC companies in Fredericton, we aim to help nearby homes and businesses get the very best from their water heater.

We supply, fit and maintain both traditional and tankless water heaters. Whilst a tank water heater, as the name suggests, heats an entire tank of water, a tankless water heater heats the water as it’s being drawn. Although a traditional set-up can be cheaper to purchase and install, it may result in significant amounts of energy wastage, as, if the hot water isn’t being used, the tank will eventually cool. In comparison, a tankless heater may be more costly. However, if you only have minimal requirements for hot water (for example, you live alone), it may be more cost-effective in the long-term. We can talk you through the various options available, making sure you have the information needed to make the decisions that are right for you.

Full Hot Water Heater Repair And Maintenance Service In Fredericton

Our HVAC technicians are able to carry out both scheduled maintenance and servicing, as well as complete fast, high-quality repairs if necessary. Regular maintenance can enhance the reliability and performance of your system, reducing the risk of an emergency call-out being required.

One-stop Answer To All Your Fredericton Hot Water Heater Needs

We offer a cost-effective, high-quality HVAC service including air conditioner repairs in Fredericton that can ensure your hot water system gives you the economy and performance you deserve. Get in touch for a FREE quote or to find out more.

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